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Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession. -Psalms 2:8

One of the greatest privilege that God has given us is that we can come before him pouring out our soul, knowing that God is concerned about us.

When we kneel before the King of kings and humble ourselves in his mighty presence and with reverence and honor we present ourselves, we’re connected with Him; Not only virtually but actually.

Mostly we pray about our hearts desires and needs, Oftentimes we give everything into his hands and pray about His will to be done, *and then there are only some of them who prays what God wants them to pray, they pray what God wants, what God seeks, what God longs for and for the desires in His heart.* If all of your prayers were answered by your Heavenly Father, would it change the world or just yours?

A beggar can give a penny, A wage worker may give some considerable amount of his wages, A CEO of an multinational company can give you a huge amount of whatever you’ve asked for, If you’re in a position to ask from these three the things you want, you’ll ask according to their status.

Now consider the things which you can ask from our Limitless God.

Don’t limit God, you can ask something that is so big, so huge and so great that even the heavens marvel about your trust in the Almighty, you can pray for the things like Salvation of the world, Nations to be saved, Calamities to stop etc, don’t consider the impossibilities but look at the one for whom nothing is Impossible.

Ask God to do great and mighty things knowing that his capability is limitless, *Dare to pray for the salvation of the world for our God is able, Dare to pray for the things which seems impossible. Dare to pray “Sun, Stand still.”, “Dry bones, Hear the word of the Lord”*, Your prayer has the power to bring the kingdom of heaven on earth.

God is still looking for the people who’ll pray for the things which God has in his heart.

Heavenly Father,

Reveal the things which you want me to pray for and let the Holy spirit guide me in praying for the things which you want to do on the earth.

In Jesus’ name



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